Age: –
Origin: –
Choice blend:


Title: Major of the Space Pirate Bay
Origin: Europa Cluster – Nebula 2..K
Age: E=MC31
Role: Chief of operations, moving image handler, experience designer
Speciality: detailizing, animovimatinger, homo administradivarius
Choice Blend: Uhm & Croke


DJ Sus, together with James Marvel, is a founding member of Space Pirate Recordings. He’s SPR’s
head of operations and dedicated ‘homo administradivarius’ making sure Space Pirates walk in line
when they should.


Title: The Dark Rider
Origin: Alkebulan Nebula
Age: 786 (Third gen clone)
Role: Assissin of the alkebulan order
Speciality: Rowdy Rollers, provisio of dankness, edgy sweaters
Choice Blend: Gon & Tinic


Solace is a drum & bass DJ hailing from the nebula we call Ghent-9000. His sound is raw, deep and
atmospheric, the equivalent of a walk in a dark, yet soothingly warming forest.
Solace has been making his marks on the scene lately, with bookings at events such as: Star Warz,
Steam, Bredren Invites and now Rampage. Another highlight of his career was winning the Sun & Bass
DJ contest. Solace represents his sound in own productions as well. With releases on Belgians own
Halogen Music, Terabyte records and soon on Ronin Audio, he’s making an impact on the growing


Title: The Chosen One
Origin: EC – Empire of the Gauls
Age: 12² – N.5
Role: Breakbeat Romancer
Speciality: Romancing breaktbeats and weaving sating bass rugs
Choice blend: Tin & Gonic


Known for his chilling beats and warm harmonies. Phase is anything but unknown in
the universe by now. Having released on the most forefront labels like Metalheadz,
Hospital Records, Dispatch Recordings, etc. He’s steadily making his mark on the
international scene. Some rumours even mention him as a Goldie protégé.

DJ Wasp

Dj Wasp is a versatile and skilled DJ. He plays out regularly in Belgium and internationally. He also
used to be part of Gamorah Sound (a famous Belgian d’n’b collective founded in 2000) before they split
in 2006.

His very broad selection is his biggest weapon but surely not his only one. Switching from fresh jump up
over to dark tech step through to huge breaky beats mixed with surgical precision, this dj is a force to
reckon with.

Over the years he became a leading act in the Belgian d&b scene, sharing the stage with every known
international drum & bass artist you can think of.

His online mixes and radio shows gave him fame beyond international borders and to this day still
circulate on the web. He played several times in the UK, Holland, Germany, Spain, France, Israel,
Poland, Canada, the US, Romania, Denmark and the Czech Republic. With invitations from Belgian
festivals like Laundry Day, Pukkelpop, Step One, Forrest Free Party, Soulshine and many more.
Wasp is the man behind the hugely popular Therapy Sessions Belgium parties. Events that
permanently left their mark on the Belgian drum & bass scene.


Title: Web Slinger
Origin: Europa Cluster – Rock Limbo
Age: 35
Role: Guardian of the network
Speciality: baldness, gatherer of the masses, keeper of the order, moira main
Choice blend: Rhum & Beer

El Moro

Age: 36
Choice blend: CAFFè BORGHETTI

Cedex & Higher Underground

Title: Brothers of the watch
Origin: EC – Empire of the Gauls
Age: 678 Together
Role: Plannificators
Speciality: Steamy thing, making night last longer than they were intended
Choice Blend: Cum & Rhola

Since Cedex & Higher Underground started to collaborate, everything skyrocketed. With their explosive
DNB mix in all its facets and years of experience, these guys know how to please a crowd. This brought them to stages like Tomorrowland, Solar Festival (NL) & Star Warz and Club as Café D’Anvers,Decadance, ICC Ghent, Vooruit & Kultuurkaffee Brussels.

In the meanwhile they shared the decks with some big names in the scene like Pendulum, Goldie,Sigma, Wilkinson, Noisia, Logistics.

These two are spending time in the studio to release their own productions and collabs. Watch out for these bad boys!



Origin: Quadrant of the lowlands
Age: 4865 (4the generation C-clone)
Role: Businessizer
Speciality: Suiting up
Choice blend: Giani & Tonico with a rag of beef flavoured flower petals


Title: The elusive one
Origin: The Divided Kingdom
Age: 7th gen final form – 0:0
Role: Evil Villain
Speciality: 200HZ plasma snares and dark matter distortion
Choice Blend: Jacques Danielles