The Corrupted

Title: Knight of the order
Origin: Alkebylan Nebula
Age: 30
Role: Yarn Spinner
Speciality: Turning your dreams into mildly amusing memes
Choice blend: Diplomatico Ambassador


What do you get when you blend afro hair, a good old fashioned love for music and rose tinted
nostalgia goggles? Slap the tag ‘future fuccboi jungle’ on it and we present you Corrupted.
Antwerp based beat/break smith who adds crazy smooth yet tough, and very futuristic sounddesign to
beats with that jazzy, hiphop, footworky halftime swing. You can expect an eclectic journey through
music with this guy steering the ship
Support by Om Unit, Lefto, Deft, Hyroglifics, Jon1st, TMSV, Phase, Signal, Klax,…

James Marvel

Title: Captain of the Space Pirate Bay
Origin: Europa Cluster
Age: -1970 (Born 3987)
Role: Pathfinder
Speciality: Mirrorrisms and mindloops
Choice Blend: Diplomatico Ambassador on a single rock


With an agenda full of international bookings and a shortlist of hit releases over the last years, James
Marvel shouldn’t need much of an introduction anymore. A brief recap though..
Being picked up in 2012 by Shimon’s Audioporn Records James Marvel took everyone by surprise with
his debut release I Am The Robot, followed by outstanding remixes for Xilent and Dub FX to further
mark his entry.

In the meanwhile James Marvel and MC Mota had found their way to each other and teamed up for
what became the worldwide hit ‘Way Of The Warrior’ which in turn got nominated as track of the year in
that year’s Drum&Bass Arena Awards.

After this, the duo continued to deliver on promise with tracks like ‘Trump’ and the collaboration with
powerhouse June Miller titled ‘Dominator’.
Last year ‘Dominator’ ended up 2nd in the ‘best track’ and ‘best video’ categories at the same awards
mentioned before.

2017 also marked the foundation of Marvel’s own imprint ‘Space Pirate Recordings’. The label
presented its first own showcase at Rampage Weekend 2018, Lokerse Feesten 2018 and other events.

MC Mota

Title: Truest of all dominators
Origin: Europa Cluster – L1m8rg
Age: 2684
Role: Firestarter
Speciality: Lyrical Buccaneering with a touch of rhumgineering
Choice Blend: Rhum & Bass


In only a few years, Belgium-based lyrical bazooka MC Mota has become a steady and welcomed
stage presence at all the best bass-gatherings throughout the country and abroad. His versatility and
gift to hype and vocally spice up every bass- and drumsound experience earned him spots at high
profile events such as Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop and Dour, but also overseas at
Sziget, Lowlands, Outlook, Hospitality and Sun and Bass. There he provided lyrical support for the likes
of hundreds of national and international artists including Andy C, Netsky, Sigma, Camo & Krooked and
Dub FX.
As a Rampage, Liquicity and M&T resident, Mota crafted his lyrical genius and stage act. In 2015 he
got crowned Belgium’s ‘Best MC’ at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. For 3 years in a row Mota has
also been nominated for several Drum&BassArena Awards in categories like ‘Best MC’ and ‘Best track
of the year’. This track with James Marvel, named ‘Way of the Warrior’, conquered the #1 spot of the
Beatport D&B TOP 100 chart and remained the world’s best selling d&b track for 2 solid weeks.
Prepare for massive amounts of charismatic energy and let the most versatile, award-winning voice in
Belgian bass music hype you to higher dimensions! He may breathe some actual fire while he’s at it…