1 Year Space Pirate Recordings

It all began…

It all started a year ago in a small studio at our captains lair. James Marvel had been working on his own imprint paired with the visual universe he’d been implementing around his musical output. At the end of 2017, Space Pirate Recordings first saw the light of day. A logo was created by “El Moro” and “Dirk” was born
The SPR designer will provide the artwork for the releases on the label and content for the socials and website in his own style.

Space Pirate Trainer OST

The original soundtrack of the game Space Pirate Trainer became the first release on Space Pirate Recordings. Artists as Abis & Mc Mota, Cedex & Higher Underground shared their music through the newly started label. Beside the succes of the first release on the label, the VR game itself won some international game awards such as Best Sound Design, Best Independent Experience and Best Game. Space Pirate Trainer is available for PC and has recently been released for PSVR.

Rampage 2017

The label landed its Space Pirate vessel and portrayed their first full showcase at Rampage 2018, clearly marking the start of something and making a statement that drum&bass, after all these years, is still steadily on the rise. A few months of preparation went into the visual show the team brought at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp on one of the biggest Drum & Bass & Dubstep events in Europe starting with nothing more than a few sketches and some wild ideas. As well on stage as behind the scenes the Pirates brought a great show.

SPR @ Rampage 2018 Behind The Scenes


Space Pirate Recordings Official launch party 05.05.2018

To really present the label in real life, Space Pirate Recordings hosted a night in Ghent to transpose the “SPR experience” to the visitors. A cosy night filled with livestreams, VR gaming and international artists on the line up. The Space Pirate Recordings crew organised the whole event from A-Z. A lot of new experiences and learnings were added to the mission debrief.  Space Pirate Recordings is looking to organise more events around its label-being and music releases so stay posted for more event news!

Bun Bun

After the success of ‘Dominator’, James Marvel and MC Mota team up again with ABIS (ex-June Miller) to once more deliver a banger full of unexpected twists, with a lyric so infectious, crowds instantly start singing along. A powerful force indeed, this ready-for-summer, put-on-your-sunglasses bouncer called ‘Bun Bun’

But what in Earth’s name is a Bun Bun? Is it a drumsound? Is it a vibe? A calling?  A (self-fulfilling) prophecy? A double sandwich made from a rare specimen of mahi mahi maybe? Indeed it might be a Romanian greeting. Some say that to the Japanese, Bun Bun simply means ‘shake shake’. Others soothe themselves by just repeating the words like meaningless yet powerful mantra.

Perhaps it is after all ‘an original creation, a philosophy’, as the lyrics so profoundly state.

The first official Space Pirate Recordings music video is a fact. Bun Bun is being released  together with a lyrical video on the Space Pirate TV channel.

Being You

“A quiet night on Space Pirate Bay. The airlocks open and a thrilling yet soothing repetitive sound rings throughout the corridors of the station. A duo of purebred Space Pirates dock their vessel and bring forth the spoils of their latest quest.”

Their names; Cedex & Higher Underground. Both hailing from the Class-M rock BE32, better know by its inhabitants as Belgium. Both have a long standing history promoting fast breakbeat music in this outskirt of the Copernican System. The duo’s stepped up their game recently while their first productions have seen the light of day. Their collaboration with James Marvel titled ‘Red Alert’ appears on Space Pirate Recordings’ first album ‘Space Pirate Trainer OST’ and even more recently they showed a deeper and rolling side with their release of ‘The Alarm’ on Lifestyle Music’s Belgian Connection LP.

‘Being You’ is a deep roller drawing influence from many different sides of the drum&bass spectrum. Without adhering to any set standard, it takes the listener on a journey through melodic patterns, lush filtered chords, snappy and rolling percussion guided by a deep and catching bassline.  

Appearing as their first solo release on SPR, with ‘Being You’  they further confirm their entry into the scene as a production duo to be on the lookout for. 

Cedex & Higher Underground touched down at Tomorrowland to play a 1-hour set. The Space Pirate TV crew made a small recap of what was going on that day:


In the first year of the label, the official Space Pirate Recordings website popped up. Merchandise and spacecloth are available to the masses via the webshop! Shirts, caps, flags, but also tools to create your own tunes (Sound in Space Vol 001) are being sold via the SPR interwebz. Our SPR editors try to provide hot news straight to the public trough the website.

Beside the website, Space Pirate Recordings is active on multiple social media platforms. Even gamers can join the SPR community on Discord to go on virtual missions together.


Space Pirate Recordings @ Lokerse Feesten

The Lokerse Feesten is a well known festival in Belgium. One of the nights, Space Pirate Recordings was invited by Red Bull Elektropedia to host a night filled with musical Space Sauce. Headliner of the night was Modestep. These guys broke the house down together with the SPR crew! The hot summer wasn’t an issue for the ravers that made it an awesome night!
With some baggage in technicalities en creative workflows, a second  visual show was created by the SPR Team.

Patchy the parrot provides tools!

The intention of the label is to create a platform for artists, new and old, that’s what labels do right? 🙂
Not only a platform is provided, Space Pirate Recordings releases it’s first patch pack “Sound In Space” for music enthousiasts to create their own sound with already some space influences in their productions. More patch and sample packs will be released in the future.

What’s on the roster for the future?

There are new releases coming up at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019. New artists will make their appearance to join the Space Pirate Crew. Sikey and Speedwagon will make their first musical appearance on the label with Misty Eyed Dub.


Further on, PmdR & Spill will add some international flair with a release planned for 2019.

Dossa & Locuzzed already previewed a track from their upcoming release in their Friday Funk Show:



Do you have a sound that suits the space pirate way of life? Send your demos to demos@spacepiraterecordings.com We will make sure to send you a review of your track, remix or mix.

Other wild ideas? -> info@spacepiraterecordings.com



What good do words, when all we want is to make this universe dance…