Sikey & Speedwagon – Mistey Eyed Dub

In the very earliest days of Space Pirateering, rocket building and asteroid mining in the BE-32 nebula, only a select few were already firing breakbeat arrays and bass cannons at the humanoids on this mud rock. That they were carving the first signs of a path many would walk behind them, they did not know.

Both Sikey & Speedwagon have been at the forefront of Belgium’s (the local designation for the BE-32 nebula) drum & bass scene since the last turn of the centuries. After having served the deities of 170BPM as solo buccaneers and in different formations, they teamed up to form a production unit that would honour the vibrations brought forth by the earliest of Pirates.

Not having traded their organic limbs for the powers of the plasma snare or the quadruple frequency modulated, planet-core-melting reecelines, the duo’s output vibes like only a real mud rock can.

Misty Eyed Dub is their ode to the sacred tree they originally needed to destroy during the “Planet 47 Heist” mission. However, upon learning that this tree was the original source of life and vibrations on Planet 47, these space pirates decided to put the sustained existence of the sacred misty eyed tree above their own interests and left it to flourish so the planet would continue to be a sacred home for all lifeforms on the rock.

Get Vile is the musical counterpart to Misty Eyed Dub. Although consistent in dubby vibes and rolling rock formations, Get Vile paints a slightly darker picture of the very same mission. Initially composed as a song of war, after first contact with the strange life on Planet 47, its message became redundant, although the music itself did not and now serves on many Space Pirate ships as a reminder to above all learn and not assume, despite whatever their initial mission targets were so to adhere to the Space Pirate credo: “Good Pirates Break Bad Rules”.

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