Gobs de BXL releasing 19th April on Space Pirate Recordings

The light is blinding as we gaze at the great sheets of ice before us. How can the infinite diminish? Yet it does, though we pretend otherwise, and we know why. We know that this is just the beginning.

Putting numbers on our enemies does not help us fight them. The immensity of our struggle crystallizes into something tangible. Of those who do not have their head in the sand, some believe despair to be the only appropriate response. Most have faith in humanity though. Our 4,000 years of history cannot possibly end like this? Our ingenuity has gotten us this far, and it will overcome this faceless foe as it has many before this one.

We push the boundaries of the feasible so that we may continue to live in comfort, but in vain. It turns out the past does not predict the future, and not everything can be solved with some spicy new technology. This isn’t Hollywood, the end comes slowly. We are confronted with our transience on this Earth as our heritage and institutions decay. The little ice that remains exists only to remind us of the hope we burnt away.

‘Gobs De BXL – 350 EP’ is a narrative work about climate change and energy awareness. Each track depicting some perspective from the artist on the current state of affairs. Instrumental pieces of daunting atmospheres, cheeky sound effects, crisp drumwork and progressive composition so to each tell a little story to the listener. A work to be consumed as a whole, to be listened to front to back. 

With this debut EP on Space Pirate Recordings, Gobs de BXL makes his first marks in the drum&bass scene as a solo artist. And some serious marks at that!