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YARR002: Being You EP – Cedex & Higher Undeground

“A quiet night on Space Pirate Bay. The airlocks open and a thrilling yet soothing repetitive sound rings throughout the corridors of the station. A duo of purebred Space Pirates dock their vessel and bring forth the spoils of their latest quest.”

Their names; Cedex & Higher Underground. Both hailing from the Class-M rock BE32, better know by its inhabitants as Belgium. Both have a long standing history promoting fast breakbeat music in this outskirt of the Copernican System. The duo’s stepped up their game recently while their first productions have seen the light of day. Their collaboration with James Marvel titled ‘Red Alert’ appears on Space Pirate Recordings’ first album ‘Space Pirate Trainer OST’ and even more recently they showed a deeper and rolling side with their release of ‘The Alarm’ on Lifestyle Music’s Belgian Connection LP.

‘Being You’ is a deep roller drawing influence from many different sides of the drum&bass spectrum. Without adhering to any set standard, it takes the listener on a journey through melodic patterns, lush filtered chords, snappy and rolling percussion guided by a deep and catching bassline.  

Appearing as their first solo release on SPR, with ‘Being You’  they further confirm their entry into the scene as a production duo to be on the lookout for.

Cover Being You - Cedex & Higher Underground

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YARR003 Bun Bun – James Marvel, Abis & MC Mota

After the success of ‘Dominator’, James Marvel and MC Mota team up again with ABIS (ex-June Miller) to once more deliver a banger full of unexpected twists, with a lyric so infectious, crowds instantly start singing along. A powerful force indeed, this ready-for-summer, put-on-your-sunglasses bouncer called ‘Bun Bun’


But what in Earth’s name is a Bun Bun? Is it a drumsound? Is it a vibe? A calling?  A (self-fulfilling) prophecy? A double sandwich made from a rare specimen of mahi mahi maybe? Indeed it might be a Romanian greeting. Some say that to the Japanese, Bun Bun simply means ‘shake shake’. Others soothe themselves by just repeating the words like meaningless yet powerful mantra.

Perhaps it is after all ‘an original creation, a philosophy’, as the lyrics so profoundly state.

What do you think?

Space Pirate Recordings @ Lokerse Feesten RBE hosting

On Sunday, 5th of August, Space Pirate Recordings wil touch down in Lokeren to host the Red Bull Elektropedia Stage.

Our pirates will land for some bass & visuals.

You can find following artists on stage:





James Marvel

Cedex & Higher Underground


The firestarters of the evening will be MC Seko & MC 3XB!

Tickets & Info:





Yet another DNB hero

Our main pirate, captain of the Space Pirate Bay James Marvel got featured in Humo ! Read about his music, and what the future wll bring…

Catch him next to other bass heroes Space Pirate Recordings – Official Launch Party ft. ABIS & Nymfo

Read the full article here.

The future is now, and so is virtual reality!

Always wanted to try some virtual reality action? Come early and try the VR game Space Pirate Trainer @ Space Pirate Recordings – Official Launch Party ft. ABIS & Nymfo

Space Pirate Trainer is a virtual reality game that makes full use of room scale VR and tracked controllers. The game will show you how good you are at being a Space Pirate and/or train you in becoming a better one. Not that you’ll probably ever need to be, but still…

Space Pirate Recordings made the original soundtrack for the game. The 5th of may, gaming and music unite !


You will be able to play from 20.00 until 00.00…

Today, exactly 48 years ago

Today, exactly 48 years ago, Apollo 13, the seventh manned moon mission encountered technical problems on April 13th. They aborted their mission and returned to earth on April 17th…

If this would have happened in 2018, they would have planned a new launch asap. Fortunately, the Space Pirates launch in May and they always have some room for extra passengers…